What are ANZAB 12 Bell Weekends?

Jim Woolford began organising 12 bell ringing weekends in 2016. The organising is now done by a committee. The plan is to hold two 12 bell weekends each year, in Autumn and Spring (roughly mid- March and mid-October).

The weekends are open to all 12 bell (and aspiring 12 bell) ringers in ANZAB territory. There is the opportunity to apply for an ANZAB grant towards travel costs for those who may need assistance.

We expect that anyone attending would be able to ring Grandsire Cinques, however most of the ringing will be Stedman Cinques and Surprise Maximus. This is a big jump for some people, but if we can encourage more people to try out ringing on higher numbers then it will help bring up quality of ringing in ANZAB – not just for those who ring at these weekends but also for those who ring with these ringers.

Peter Harrison

Forthcoming weekends

The tentative dates and locations for future weekends are:

Sydney 8-9 October 2022
Wellington 7-10 April 2023 (Easter)
TBC October 2023

Watch out on the ANZAB website for further details for future weekends and put the dates in your diary now.

If you have any questions, please email or call Peter Harrison on +61 (0) 414 331 769.

Peter Harrison
October 2021

ANZAB 12 Bell Weekend, Brisbane, 18-20 March 2022 - Report

At last we could travel and come together for a 12-bell weekend in Brisbane, postponed from its original date in 2020. We had six QLD ringers, 2 from SA, 2 from VIC, 12 from NSW and 1 from ACT who came together to extend and strengthen 12-bell ringing in ANZAB. Hopefully next time we'll have some from WA, TAS and NZ. There were an extra five QLD ringers who joined us for the Friday evening.

There were two successful quarter peals on 12, and a bonus one on 10. There were lots of good quality ringers to ring with, and an amazing 15 hours of programmed ringing time. The Brisbane bells are a light twelve which gave good flexibility for people to ring around the back, and allowed some people to still be enthusiastically trying various combinations of bells at the end of Sunday when many others had retired.

Orion 12 band, Brisbane March 2022
The Orion Surprise Maximus Band (1-12, L-R): Kellie Hajek, Philip Goodyer, James Perrins, Peter Harrison, Bill Perrins,Thomas Perrins (C), Hugh Carwardine, Claire O'Mahony, Hadden Arrowsmith, Murray-Luke Peard, Ian McCulloch, Matthew Ball

My personal highlights were ringing a course of Erin Cinques and calling a bob course of Grandsire Cinques. I was delighted to be part of several touches of Stedman Cinques, to feel more confident on Cambridge and Yorkshire Royal and Maximus than previously, and to get the chance to try a lead of Orion Maximus and a few leads of Bristol Maximus. I particularly enjoy seeing other ringers developing. In this case, local ringer Kenneth who I recall as trying plain hunt last time I rang with him, but who is now ringing Surprise Major with confidence. 

I took the opportunity to visit Maryborough and Bundaberg prior to the weekend where I experienced their generous hospitality and enjoyed ringing with the local bands. We tried touches of Grandsire Doubles in Maryborough and rang variations of Plain Hunt in Bundaberg. I have been reminded of the pleasure of travel and the good fellowship that exists within the bellringing community.

Follow these links to the BellBoard records for quarter-peals rung during the weekend - Grandsire Cinques - Grandsire Caters - Orion Surprise Maximus.

Deryn Griffiths

ANZAB 12 Bell Weekend, Perth, 25–28 October 2019 - Report

I was delighted to be part of the recent 12-bell weekend. Thanks to all who participated, and particularly to the Perth ringers for hosting it.

I went because I expected to enjoy it, and to improve and extend my ringing (which I did). I also felt helpful filling in for some trying Plain Hunt on 11 for their very first time, and was delighted to meet several new ringers.

The weekend included sessions focussing on "easier methods", "cinques" and "maximus". Different Ringing Masters used different styles, each with their advantages. The opportunity to "catch hold" and "have a go" is fantastic. However, taking a band aiming for Stedman Cinques or Cambridge Maximus and having us ring Plain Hunt was illuminating. I was reminded that it is not just the longer, more complicated blue line, or the more difficult rope sight that makes 12 bell ringing a challenge. Even when ringing Plain Hunt I (and others) found it hard to maintain the precision required within a 12 bell rhythm.

The unexpected pleasure of the weekend was seeing the ANZAC bell, and watching and hearing its resonant chime at midday. The ANZAC bell made the 29-0-14 tenor of the ring of sixteen appear tiny.

Follow this link to quarter-peals rung during the weekend.

Deryn Griffiths

The reports above are those published on this website. Reports of these and other ANZAB 12 Bell Weekends may be found in Ringing Towers.

The bells of St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

The bells of St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney
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