The ANZAB website aims to provide information and services of value and interest to ANZAB members, ringers and other people interested in bells and change ringing.

The information and services are provided in the context of the ANZAB Constitution, and with respect to the ANZAB Privacy Statement, Copyright Notice and Disclaimer.

Relationship with Ringing Towers

Ringing Towers is the journal of record of ANZAB. The works in collaboration with the Editor of Ringing Towers to provide news and items of interest to ANZAB members, bearing in mind the timeliness and durability of the two communication mechanisms.

Ringing Towers is available online to members via the ANZAB website. The contribution of news items to either publication is encouraged and welcomed. The website is particularly suited to current announcements and the publication of short news reports in the intervals between issues of Ringing Towers.

Contributions and Feedback

Contributions to the ANZAB website's "in brief" and "anzab diary" sections are encouraged, as are news items, images and reports. The also welcomes the submission of substantial items such as those found under the "Important Resources" section of the ANZAB Information page.

The is responsible for maintenance of the ANZAB Tower Directory, and responsible tower officers are asked to provide updates to the Webmaster in a timely fashion.

Feedback, especially notification of errors or inaccuracies, is welcomed.

Web Browser Support

Every endeavour is made to support a range of web browsers and devices. The latest versions of Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are recommended. Versions of these freely available browsers which are more than 4 years old are not recommended. The ANZAB website makes use of javascript and it is recommended that site users enable this in their browsers (javascript is usually enabled by default).

A PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat is needed to access many resources on the ANZAB website.