The Annual General Meeting of ANZAB, held on 6 June 2015 in Adelaide, approved the following resolution:

In the 2015-2016 financial year ANZAB offer funds to all towers for ringers to train in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid, with a maximum of two ANZAB members per tower; as well as offering each tower the donation of a poster providing details of CPR.

Proponents of the resolution noted that following the recent medical emergency in St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney and the life-saving CPR given by members of the band, it was considered appropriate to offer ringers in Australia and New Zealand the opportunity at a minimum to have members trained in CPR.

Provision of funds was justified under sections 2(c) and/or (h) of the ANZAB Constitution:

(c) to foster and provide education and training in the art of change ringing and all activities associated therewith or incidental thereto;

(h) to do and perform such things as may be conducive or incidental to the foregoing [sections].

Following furtherance motions at the 2016 AGM and the 2021 AGM, the scheme will be ongoing.


Indicative Costs were estimated as follows:

Red Cross CPR 4 hours face-to-face
online + 1 day assessment1
AUD $70

NZD $65
St John's Ambulance CPR 4 hours face to face $80
Red Cross First Aid & CPR

(basic emergency life support, including CPR)
1 day face-to-face
online + 1 day assessment1
1Assessment is not compulsory

The 2015 Annual General Meeting approved a limit on total applications of A$8,500 for 2015/16.

Application and Approval Procedures

CPR / First Aid Training

  • Tower Representative seeks approval to access courses via providing details of the two nominated member attendees and total costs (AUD or NZD GST inclusive)
  • ANZAB approves attendance in writing
  • Members pay upfront for training and seek reimbursement providing receipts and bank account details for EFT reimbursement
  • ANZAB reimburses by EFT through Australian or NZ Bank Accounts


  • Tower Representative provides tower and contact name and mailing address to

Emergency rescue at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

A bellringer who had a heart attack is lowered through a trapdoor in the St Mary's Cathedral bell tower.

Sydney Morning Herald, 24 April 2015

Image courtesy Top Notch Video