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As per The Ringing World (19 November 2021) and Ringing Towers (Summer 2021-22), eight bells (tenor 2cwt) donated by the Keltek Trust, with a frame made by Matthew Higby & Co. are to be installed in St Peter's Upper Riccarton. These are the bells donated following the earthquake (2011) with the intention of them being hung in a temporary tower near the Transitional (Cardboard) Cathedral.

Upper Riccarton is about 2km west of Christchurch. The stone church includes a substantial tower, empty except for an old Taylor bell, hung for chiming from the ground floor. Access is by a narrow spiral staircase to a square ringing chamber with a high ceiling. The church had recent repairs and earthquake strengthening.

Chiming Bell
Mike Clayton inspecting the Chiming Bell

When the bellringers approached the vicar and churchwardens to see if they would support the installation of these bells in the existing tower they were met with great enthusiasm.

The Christchurch Cathedral bellringers look forward to this tower as a temporary home, a place to bring on a new cathedral band, and an extra tower for the South Island of New Zealand, and for ANZAB, in the long term.

Mandy Spearing
January 2022

The Bells

. Note Weight
Founder Date History
Treble E 0-3-14 Whitechapel 2015 Whitechapel Stock Bell
2nd D# 1-0-0 Whitechapel 2016 Whitechapel Stock Bell
3rd C# 1-1-0 Whitechapel 2013 Whitechapel Stock Bell
4th B 1-1-0 Whitechapel 1996 Cast for La Bri Winery, Western Cape, SA, but never installed
5th A 1-2-21 Eijbouts, Hollland 2001 Cast for St Cybi, Holyhead, but never installed
6th G# 1-3-0 Eijbouts, Hollland 2001 Cast for St Cybi, Holyhead, but never installed
7th F# 2-1-0 John Warner & Sons 1911 Former Trinity House buoy bell
Tenor E 2-3-14 John Taylor 1975 Largest of a 3-bell clock chime cast for a clock tower in Pitsea, Essex

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