An Incomplete Listing of Peal and non-Peal Ringing Bells in ANZAB Territory

complied over half a century by John (Jack) Cummins


At the ANZAB Annual Meeting held in 1992 – even though it was not recorded in the minutes – it was decided to establish a register of towers and bells in Australia and New Zealand. It was intended to include both existing ringing peals and/or bells which could potentially be used for change ringing. It was hoped that all bells and towers would be recorded including post offices, town halls and schools.

The information to be used:

  • for historical purposes
  • to help augment existing bells
  • if redundant bells become available to find a tower for them in Australia and New Zealand

In compiling the schedule [see links below] – which would have commenced in the late sixties – and in conjunction with Christopher J. Pickford - I have made extensive use of lists supplied by foundries in England, Ireland and other places. Extracts have been taken from various books, magazines, newspapers, and other publications, and where necessary permission has been sought and given by the authors and those holding copyright. Some references are from The Ringing World, Ringing Towers, and The Ringing Years – my only major contribution to the world of literature.

For more detailed information on clock bells refer to 'Bells in Australia' and List of Clocks and Bells in Australia by C.J. Pickford who may be contacted at

George Dawson has a comprehensive listing of all known bells in NZ whether cast in England or locally. He can be contacted at

Carl Scott Zimmerman, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, has a comprehensive listing of bells in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim. He can be contacted at

Links to the files (pdf)

Version 3 - March 2013

The Listing | The Introduction

Version 1 of The Listing was released in March 2011, and Version 2 in January 2012.


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Bells at St Mary's, Sydney

Bells of St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney
image © Andrew Treloar, 2006