The mini-rings and simulators (dumbbells) listed here belong to individuals and organisations affiliated with ANZAB.

While every effort is made to keep this list up to date, local circumstances can change at short notice, and availability cannot be guaranteed.

It is essential to contact the owner or custodian of the ring should you wish to use it.

New Zealand

North Island

The John David Mini Ring
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Wellington, The John David Mini Ring

Bells:    8    Tenor: 9lb 10oz

Availability:  By arrangement.

Notes: Portable; normally in the Ringing Chamber, Wellington Cathedral.

Location:  Wellington Cathedral, Corner Molesworth and Hill Streets

    21 031 9933
(email preferred)
    21 154 3270
(email preferred)

South Island

Karearea Bells
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Eyrewell Forest, Karearea Bells

Bells:    8    Tenor: 10 lbs 6 oz

Availability:  By arrangement.

Location:  Downs Road, Eyrewell Forest, West Eyreton [near Christchurch]

    027 8987066
    021 1761305

Kowhai Mini-Ring
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Oamaru, Kowhai Mini-Ring

Bells:    8    Tenor: 10 lbs 3 oz

Availability:  By arrangement.

Notes: Portable frame available, which can be used if ring is transported to other locations. Formerly the Waikato Mini-Ring (Hamilton, North Island).

Location:  245 Pukeuri-Oamaru Road

    021 0261 2215
    021 0268 1865



The LittleToze Mini Ring
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Brisbane, The LittleToze Mini Ring

Bells:    8    Tenor: 10 lbs 10 oz

Availability:  By arrangement. Proposed practice/quarter peal locations will listed on the Northern Towers web site.

Notes: The LittleToze Mini Ring is fully trailer mounted and can be transported to any suitable location. The mini ring was donated to Northern Towers by Mike and Reg Toze.

Location:  mobile

    0419 871 714

South Australia

Ringing Centre
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Adelaide, Ringing Centre

Bells:    8 dumbbells    Tenor: 4 cwt each

Availability:  Tue 6:00-7:00pm, or by arrangement. Flexible access.

Notes: Available for a wide range of teaching and development. Includes classroom, library and computer facilities.

Location:  St Peter's Cathedral, King William Road

    0419 810 039
    0419 334 882


The Norfolk Ring
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Bendigo, The Norfolk Ring

Bells:    8 dumbbells

Availability:  By arrangement. General ringing, peal length achievements and quarter peal attempts available upon request.

Notes: 1.2m diameter weighted wheels rung in the same manner as "light" tower bells. Rope action as normal. Signals from sensors on wheels processed to generate sound from top of tower.

Location:  19 Norfolk Street, North Bendigo

    03 5442 5617 | 0429 804 622

The Roslyn McKenzie Mini Ring
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Melbourne, The Roslyn McKenzie Mini Ring

Bells:    8    Tenor: 20 lbs 10 oz

Availability:  Fri 6:00-7:00pm. Check ahead.

Notes: The Roslyn McKenzie Mini Ring, donated to VicANZAB by John Martin, Bendigo.

Location:  St James' Old Cathedral, King Street

    0400 399 422
    0409 286 147

Western Australia

The Cygnet Ring
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Balga, The Cygnet Ring

Bells:    8    Tenor: 16 lbs

Availability:  By arrangement.

Notes: The Cygnet Ring belongs to The Swan Bells Foundation.

Location:  45 Favell Way

    0420 959 050

The Alphabet Ring
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Bridgetown, The Alphabet Ring

Bells:    8    Tenor: 15 lbs 3 oz

Availability:  By arrangement.

Location:  63 Roe Street

    0420 959 050

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