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The Bells

The bells are stored by the parish (October 2020).

  Name Diameter
Note Weight
Founder Date
Treble   520 B 1-3-21 Mears & Stainbank 1960
2nd Laurie Curran 533 A# 2-0-5 Mears & Stainbank 1960
3rd St Teresa 561 G# 2-1-6 Mears & Stainbank 1935
4th   610 F# 2-3-18 Mears & Stainbank 1945
5th Frank Lee 648 E 3-1-4 Taylors, Eayre & Smith 2007
6th St Augustine of Hippo 673 D# 3-3-0 Taylors, Eayre & Smith 2007
7th Father John Joseph Terry 737 C# 4-1-13 Mears & Stainbank 1947
Tenor Dr William Balmain 826 B 6-1-7 Taylors, Eayre & Smith 2007

The History of The Bells

  Name Inscription Donor History
Treble       East Acton, London;
St Pius X, West Heidelberg
2nd Laurie Curran   Donated by the North Eastern Branch of ANZAB, and named for Laurie Curran, tower captain of St Mary's Cathedral and St Benedict's Sydney East Acton, London;
St Pius X, West Heidelberg
3rd St Teresa St Teresa Donated by Alan and Gill Glover of Worthen, Shropshire, England Brentwood Roman Catholic Cathedral of SS Mary and Helen, Essex;
Our Lady of Canvey and the English Martyrs Catholic Church, Canvey Island, Essex
4th   Trinity House, London Donated by Ron Shepherd British buoy bell
5th Frank Lee Side I: In Honour of Frank J Lee
17.12.1940 - 26.4.2007

Side II: Fellowship House, London
Donated by bell ringing friends of Frank Lee, a respected and enthusiastic bell ringer New bell
6th St Augustine of Hippo Side I: St Augustine of Hippo
"Whatever you do, do it well and you have praised God"

Side II: To mark the centenary of the present church.
Fr Michael Rohan 1906
Fr Joseph Camilleri 2007
"Our voice in Him and His in us"
Donated by James Smith and Ron Shepherd New bell
7th Father John Joseph Terry   Donated by the Keltek Trust Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, The Retreat, Herne Bay, Kent
Tenor Dr William Balmain Side I: Dr William Balmain

Side II: This bell is donated in memory of Michael & David Hodgekiss who arrived in Balmain in 1853
Donated by members of the Hodgekiss family New bell

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