image of Town Hall, Ballarat

Bring Them Here Vigil, Ballarat, 19 July 2023

Bring them here vigil, Ballarat

An interesting assignment today in Ballarat. We were asked to ring to support the Rural Australians for Refugees, who were holding a little vigil outside the Town Hall to mark 10 years of Mandatory Detention. We were very pleased to be able to do this, with the Mayor's blessing. A glorious day in Ballarat today, following a morning frost.

Edith Fry

Installation of Mayor, 2021

We rang the Town Hall bells this evening for the installation of the new Mayor (who turned out to be the same as last year). This was good as only the tenor rang solemnly last mayoral installation. It turned out quite exciting as we managed to get the Mayor and the CEO both into the tower for a demonstration (unfortunately after two ringers had gone). We have been struggling for recognition at the Town Hall for some time - long before Covid struck - and we might have fixed that, tonight.

Luckily they fed us delicious sandwiches on our arrival as there was a bit of waiting around. The Town Crier had to do his bit on the front steps. We were listening in to know when to start ringing. Fortunately that ended with 3 cheers, so we came in straight after. Everyone was very impressed with the perfect timing, which made us laugh.

The only pic I took was as we ate, after that too busy! We really enjoyed the ringing. The bells were fine after 2 years rest.

from Edith Fry
1 November 2021

Waiting in the ringing chamber

Refreshments while waiting in the ringing chamber

Ballarat, Australia Day 2020

We had a terrific day in Ballarat on the 26th of January 2020. It started very early with some ringers attending the dawn ceremony for Survival Day at Lake Wendouree - a profoundly quiet and still morning for a solemn and moving remembrance. After breakfast, we were at St Peter's for the service ring, joined by Deryn and her sister Morwenna so we were able to ring all 8. After morning tea or church or wherever everyone went, we were all at the Town Hall by 11.00, ringing for the Citizenship ceremony, again on all 8. Thank you Deryn for making the trip and bringing Morwenna too and making us sound better! Last but not least, Joe discovered he could take selfies ...

from Edith Fry

The eight ringers at Ballarat Town Hall

Back: Ed Dunens, John Fry, Morwenna Griffiths, Jim Smith
Front: George Alexopoulos, Edith Fry, Deryn Griffiths, Joe Boin

Ballarat Australia Day Peal, 2015

Here are some images from Ed Dunens taken before and after the Australia Day Peal, rung at Ballarat on 26 January 2015.

Before the Australia Day Peal at Ballarat Town Hall, 2015


Australia Day Peal Band, Ballarat, 2015


Before the Australia Day Peal at Ballarat Town Hall, 2015

For the record

Australia Day Peal Band, Ballarat, 2015

The Band: Stephen Young, Calvin Chai, Brian Pettet, Marian Merati, Helen Pettet, Ian Harris, Matthew Sorell and David Smith

See other images and videos on Ed's flickr page.

The Bells and Ringing Room of Ballarat Town Hall

Images from Ed Dunens.

The bells of Ballarat Town Hall

Ballarat Town Hall Ringing Room

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