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This project will be seeking approval as an ANZAB project. Information about how to donate may be found here.

As of January 2021, the bells planned are:

  • 2 bells from an estate in Scotland which was owned by the Earl of Lovelace and Ada Lovelace (of computer science fame). These were cast by Gillett & Co, the predecessor to Gillett & Johnston, in 1887.
  • 2 redundant bells from Lancashire, whose history is unknown. They are believed to have been cast by James Shaw c1880s.
  • 1 redundant bell from Brockville, Canada. This was cast in 1925 by Taylor's and will become the tenor. The tenor at Richmond was also acquired from this Brockville set (they were adjacent bells in that chime).
  • 1 new bell (most likely Taylor's).

The Keltek Trust is donating the five second hand bells.

The hope is to at least have the bells in Australia by the end of 2021.

This page supplements the ANZAB Bell and Tower Projects page, and records further information about the tower and its bells.

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