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Ringing Weekend, March 2020


On 7-8 March Manuka Ringers were joined by Peter Harrison, Christopher O'Mahony, and Andrew Mills from Taylors who has been working on the Carillon Refurbishment for several months.

It was a great opportunity for people to enhance their skills particularly on eight bells. Success was achieved with Grandsire and Stedman Triples as well as Cambridge and Bristol (with Andrew doublehanding as well as putting people right!)

The lunch break provided an opportunity for people to try out handbells including 11 year old Philip and 8 year old Rhiannon (who took the above photo).

A touch of 84 Grandsire Triples was rung in memory of George Pipe who did so much for ANZAB and Australian ringing - the band included the current and two past Presidents of ANZAB as well as ringers from ACT, NSW, VIC, SA and WA.

On Sunday Peter Harrison conducted a QP of Grandsire Triples enabling two members of the band to score their first quarter peal on 8.

A very encouraging and fun weekend.

Julie Doyle

Canberra Summer Ringing, January 2020

Saturday, 2 January - 44 degrees - Wedding ringing after checking all safety and evacuation procedures. 5 litres of water for the band AND very short touches.

Sunday, 3 January - choking yellow smoke - the Rector said we looked like terrorists.

Manuka Summer ringing 2020

But of course this is nothing compared with what so many people have endured in the past few months.

Julie Doyle

Who Let the Dogs In at Manuka?

St Paul's, Manuka

We arrived at the tower to ring for the 7:00am Annual Parliamentary Service this morning, 12 February 2019, to find that the Bomb and Dog Squad had picked the door lock just beforehand but hadn't managed to breach the flimsy screen door to the tower. I'm sure the dogs were very disappointed not to able to grab the tower.

Julie Doyle

Ragg and Muffin would have protected things if they were still around! - Webmaster

Manuka Ringing Weekend, March 2015

Julie Doyle organised a successful 'surprise major weekend' at Manuka on 20-22 March 2015. Peter Harrison was on hand not only to ring, but also to take these images of the occasion.

Manuka Ringing Weekend, March 2015

Participants relaxing during a break in proceedings

 Manuka Ringing Weekend, March 2015
 Manuka Ringing Weekend, March 2015
  Manuka Ringing Weekend, March 2015

Concentration was a hallmark of the weekend

St Christopher's Cathedral, Manuka

Are we in Europe? No, it's nearby St Christopher's Cathedral, Manuka

The visitors also had a chance to grab Bowral on the Friday afternoon and caused lots of interest among the locals during the school 'rush hour'.

Lydia's 1st Quarter

Lydia Waddell of Canberra rang her her first quarter peal on Sunday, 13 April 2014. Here is the band outside St Paul's, Manuka, on a beautiful Canberra day, immediately following the quarter.

Quarter peal band at Manuka, 13 April 2014

Julie Doyle, Ted Reid, Susan Tonkin, Jim Waddell, Simon McMillan, Lydia Waddell

Link to performance details at Bellboard.

Manuka Celebrates 10 years

On the weekend of 3-4 August 2013, the ringers and parishioners of St Paul's, Manuka, celebrated the 10th anniversary of the dedication and first ringing of their bells. Although the precise anniversary occured on 13 June 2013, the commemorative service and its associated ringing was delayed to maximize the attendance of local and visiting ringers.

Attendees at the Manuka 10th anniversary

In the Manuka ringing room

General ringing on the Saturday was followed dinner at "Caphs", and then service ringing on Sunday, with ringers from Manuka, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Bendigo, Armidale and the United Kingdom in attendance. The communion service featured handbell ringing by Tom Perrins, Chris O'Mahony and Andrew Davies ...

Manuka 10th anniversary handbells

... and was followed by morning tea "provided by the ringers", with the cutting and consumption of a delicious celebratory cake.

Manuka 10th anniversary cake

The weekend concluded with a peal of 5184 Manuka Surprise Major.

Congratulations to Julie Doyle and the Manuka ringers on their 10th anniversary, and especially Kay Pendlebury, who provided the images shown here. More of them can be found at this link.

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