image of Our Lady Help of Christians, Rosemeadow

The Bells

Bell Weight Nominal Diameter (in) Date Founder
Treble 1cwt-1qtr-8lb 2004.4 18.1 1900 John Taylor & Co.
2nd 1-1-19 1901.3 18.5 2017 John Taylor & Co.
3rd 1-2-2 1691.7 19.5 2017 John Taylor & Co.
4th 1-3-7 1508 21 2017 John Taylor & Co.
5th 2-1-11 1343.2 23.2 1957 John Taylor & Co.
6th 3-1-10 1266.8 25.6 2014 John Taylor & Co.
7th 3-3-23 1128.6 27.6 2017 John Taylor & Co.
Tenor 4-3-17 1003.7 30.1 1923 John Taylor & Co.
Service bell 1083 kg E 1245 mm 1909 John Taylor & Co.

The Service bell, located in the tall tower near the main door of the Church, came from St Chad's, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, and is hung for slow chiming.

COVID-19 News

I rang the Tolling Bell regularly throughout Covid (one person in a small room made it possible) and for Remembrance Day.

We had the ring of bells programmed to play the hymn “Conditur Alme Siderum” to celebrate the 700th anniversary of first mechanical clock to play a named melody on its bells. It was played throughout Advent.

Brian Peaker
December 2021

He's at it again still - Ron Shepherd at Rosemeadow

Ron Shepherd at Rosemeadow

Ron Shepherd is getting close to finishing the installation at Rosemeadow. Various assistants including myself have helped over the last two months but the going has been tough. Hot weather, grumpy builders and the significant weight of girders has made it much harder (for me at least) than the work at Ingleburn. Ron's single mindedness has been to the fore.

The image above shows Ron overseeing the lifting of one of the steel beams into the tower. Up to the hoist we had to move these beams by hand from the car park, and they weren't light.

Jim Doyle, February 2019

Our Lady Help of Christians Church, Rosemeadow, was dedicated and blessed at 7:30pm on Friday, 8 March 2019.

Our Lady Help of Christians Church, Rosemeadow

The campanile at left houses a service bell of 1083kg, hung for slow chiming. The tower housing the the ground floor ring of eight is on the far side of the church and is not visible in this image.

Rosemeadow, New South Wales

A new Catholic Church being built at Rosemeadow has already ordered its light peal of eight, tenor 5 cwt. The bells will go into the tower on the side of the church, with a service bell going into the front tower. The church is due to be finished in about three years (~2019). Here are two architectural diagrams of the church.

Rosemeadow Church

Southern elevation: the ring of eight will be installed in the tower at the left of the image above,
with a service bell in the right hand tower

Rosemeadow church

Western elevation: highlighting the tower for the ground floor ring of eight

Ron Shepherd, October 2016

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