Organiser's Report

Over 40 ringers attend the Advanced Ringing Weekend in Sydney in April - by far the largest attendance at one of these ANZAB subsidised events to date.

Numbers, together with numerous weddings on Saturday, made programming difficult, however the two "streams" both worked well: "Towards Surprise Major" (everything from treble bob hunting on 6 to some leads of Cambridge Major) and "Surprise Major +" (Cambridge, London, Bristol and spliced Surprise).

Workshops during the weddings made good use of time, with each workshop followed by a practical session. Margo Green coordinated a magnificent lunch on Saturday in St Mary's ringing room. Three quarter peals were scored, along with some lengthy "losses" which provided excellent practice in ringing and conducting new methods.

The streams came together for Saturday lunch and social events all three evenings over the weekend.

"Why did ANZAB need to sponsor interstate leaders to come to Sydney for the weekend?". A good question, and the simple answer is that it made sure it happened and spread the load of the workshops and leading the ringing. Plus at under $600 spent in total airfare subsidies, it was excellent value for ANZAB's resources - less than $1 subsidy for each attendee per hour of ringing/workshops. The "cheapest" subsidy of these events to date by a significant margin!

ANZAB's budget for Advanced Ringing weekends 2022-24 has been fully expended with 7 weekends over two years. Contact me to talk about arranging one in 2024-2025 in your branch.

Phil Goodyer

Comments from attendees

The weekend was positive and instructive. The single most significant event for me was Peter's session on Splicing, with the necessity of being on top of what place bell you are and which you will become at the lead end, and what that means your start will be in the next method. I got through some splicing of CSM and Little Bob which was a highlight.

Photo Gallery

Lunch St Mary's ringing room
Lunch in the ringing chamber of St Mary's Cathedral.

Theory Lesson
Charlotte Sorell leading a workshop on Cambridge Surprise Minor (St James Queens Square).

Theory Lesson
Thomas Perrins leading a workshop on London Surprise Major.

Theory Lesson
Peter Harrison leading a workshop on Splicing Surprise Major.