Organiser's Report

The first of ANZAB's "intermediate weekends" was held at the Bundaberg tower from Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th March, with a total of sixteen people attending: four from Brisbane (acting as tutors and helpers), two from Maryborough and the rest from Bundaberg. Sessions varied from theory, beginners-and-teachers, changing-position-by-one exercises (including sixty on thirds), and method ringing (Plain Bob Doubles and All Saints Doubles) - oh, and a fair bit of eating and drinking too. Many thanks to all the local ringers for their hospitality and particularly to Russell and Christine Cobb for housing and feeding many of the visitors.

Please note that these courses will can cover a wide range of ringing - essentially anything that local ringers want, predominantly 5- and 6-bell, stopping at the levels covered by ANZAB's 8-bell weekends.

David Smith


people at lunch
Sunday lunch. There was a lot of eating (and ringing) at the weekend.

people in tower
Many of the attendees.

people in tower
Learners and teachers at the Thursday session. David Smith (organiser) middle.