Twenty-two ringers attended the Adelaide Advanced Ringing Event over the Adelaide Cup Long Weekend (8-11 March). The weekend followed the now established pattern of Friday night general ringing, Saturday workshops and practical sessions, Sunday 10 bell ringing and more practical sessions with Quarter Peal attempts on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

ANZAB subsidised the airfares of 4 experienced ringers who lead the workshops and practical sessions. Ringing ranged from treble bob hunting on 6 and 8, to Cambridge Minor and Major, to London, Bristol and Adelaide Major. There were many "first" achieved including Patrick Meyer's first quarter on 10 (he also conducted this quarter of Cambridge Royal), Hannah Tayler's first quarter of spliced major (Cambridge, Superlative, London and Bristol) and a quarter peal of Adelaide Surprise Major at St Peter's. Plus lots of consolidation of treble bob hunting and Cambridge from Minor to Royal.

It wasn't all work, with a pizza night, restaurant meal on Saturday and group Brunch on Sunday providing plenty of time for socialising and catching up.

Some of the feedback included:

  • Fantastic. I was stretched in my abilities so that I grew new ones.
  • Excellent to concentrate on spliced Surprise with a good solid band.
  • Very tiring but incredibly useful- don't know of anyone not getting a fair go, got a lot done etc. Shows a lot of progress from last year's Adelaide ARW which demonstrates that we're really getting a lot out of these, as it pushes people forward which pushes the whole band forward throughout the year between.
  • I had a very beneficial experience from the weekend. It was very helpful for me to advance in my treble bob hunting and cambridge minor.
  • Good format. Hope it can continue. Would like them to be held as frequently as possible.

Ringing for the weekend recorded on BellBoard, including the five successful QPs, may be found here.

The program is here.

Phil Goodyer

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Theory Lesson
Peter Harrison leading a workshop on Adelaide Surprise Major.