Advanced Ringing Workshop, 20-22 January 2023

The weekend is part of an ANZAB initiative to promote ringing Surprise Major and beyond. The weekend will include steps towards that, such as treble bob hunting and ringing Surprise Minor. You may have read about it in the recent (Spring 2022) issue of Ringing Towers.

There will be theory and practical sessions, supported by Peter Harrison, Kathi Downs, Charlotte Sorell and Christopher O’Mahony, held in Melbourne, West Heidelberg and Geelong.

There will be something for everyone who can already ring Plain Bob Minor. Even if you can’t ring Plain Bob Minor you may like to come to the dinner or ring with visitors at the St James’ Old Cathedral practice on 20/1.

The program will be posted here (when developed) and emailed to those who have registered interest.

Please register your interest here.

Feel free to contact me with questions.

Deryn Griffiths

A place holder for reports to past events