Organiser's Report

A few days beforehand my state of mind was "never again - these are too much work." But as soon as the weekend was finished my mind changed to "let's organise the next one!" Maybe in April or May hoping for cooler (better ringing) weather.

The tutors worked very well with all the locals. I was delighted to see so much progress and hear some very good ringing, in amongst some crashing as we extended ourselves! I was able to stretch myself with some conducting, reviewing London S Major and ringing some heavier bells.

Thanks to Mary and Frank Sluter who supported practices and QP attempts for the week before the official program. Thanks to Phil Goodyer for organising the Sluters, Richard Offen and Callum Crofton to come as tutors. All four supported a good atmosphere for learning. Thanks to our other two interstate visitors. We would not have managed all the major ringing without you. Thanks to Laura and Andrew who helped with meals and drinks. Thanks to others who brought snacks. Thanks to those who offered billets and helped organise transport. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it so worthwhile.

Associated quarter-peals are here. We included the previous Monday as it had two of the tutors who arrived early, and was Andrew's first inside for Surprise Minor. During the weekend Paige and Inga also acheived that, with Luka getting good practice in a QPA. I got to call my first Surprise Major QP (in Geelong), and Mariane shaddowed the calling of Surprise Major at West Heidelberg.

Deryn Griffiths

Comments from Participants

Coming from interstate, it was an enjoyable weekend of ringing and an opportunity to catch up. Thanks for a very enjoyable and well organised event. It was a big success.

I grew and gained experience in ringing surprise major. I attended last year and it was all a new experience. This year I was able to work more productively in the space.

I very much appreciated the help of experienced ringers/tutors from interstate and overseas. It makes it so much easier to learn and gain experience in these ringing methods when very well supported by good striking.

Having preparatory major sessions prior to the weekend, even when just Plain and Little Bob, was crucial to the success of the weekend. They helped me gain 8 bell rhythm and rope sight.

Thank you for a fantastically enjoyable and productive weekend.

Brilliant ringing and some brain stretching material.

Photo Gallery

Laura Goodin organised Saturday lunch.

Ringers in action
One of the Surprise Major bands at West Heidelberg.
From left: Frank Sluter (back left), Mary Sluter (back of head), Richard Offen, Andrew Coles, Mike Collinson, Stephen Young

Theory Lesson
Frank Sluter leading a theory lesson for the more experienced ringers.

Theory Lesson
Mary Sluter leading a theory lesson for the up-and-coming ringers.

Theory Lesson
Richard Offen discussing Yorkshire Surprise Major with a mixed group.