Part of ANZAB's Advanced Ringing Development program, the Perth Surprise Major Weekend took place from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 January 2024. Over 20 WA Branch members took part with ANZAB subsidising the airfares of 4 experienced interstate ringers to help lead seminars/workshops and the ringing sessions and to strengthen the local band.

Ringing ranged from first blows of treble bob hunting on 6 to two long touches of spliced Cambridge, Superlative, London and Bristol. There were lots of "firsts" during the event, two quarter peals were scored (Cambridge Minor and Spliced Surprise Major) and there were plenty of opportunities for WA ringers to learn and consolidate Surprise Major ringing. Seminars over the weekend included "Treble Bob Hunting", "Cambridge Minor in bite size chunks", "How to progress from Cambridge Minor to Cambridge Major", "Learning Bristol Major", "How to ring Spliced methods" and "Conducting Surprise Major". Each seminar was followed by a practical session to put new skills to use.

Many thanks to ANZAB for subsidising the event, to the local WA branch members who hosted and took part and to all the seminar/session leaders.

ANZAB members can read more about the weekend by logging on the ANZAB website and downloading the February 2024 edition of Look To!.

Phil Goodyer

Comments from Perth Attendees

It was very enjoyable and well worth it.

It made a big difference having a few extra experienced people available to participate and share the load.

It provided a lot of opportunity for all those who attended to extend themselves or refresh what was already there.

It generated a lot of motivation.

The weekend was well planned and ably led by the experienced ringers/tutors.

The programme was flexible and easily adapted as circumstances changed to maximise the benefits for the WA ringers.

Excellent to ring Yorkshire with a strong band. To "have a go" at Superlative. Stedman Caters was a bonus!

It makes all the difference to have a really strong band.

Those beginning their journey with surprise methods gained a huge amount of confidence and there was also some 'fun' stuff for the advanced ringers.

Photo Gallery

Large group of people
The weekend coincided with the annual Bell Tower pizza night.
Shown are weekend participants and other ringers and friends.

4 instructors, Matthew Philip, Michelle and Charlotte