The summary of Australian Clocks and Bells is based on research by Chris Pickford, who writes:

Also, online photographs and other resources have proved helpful. Because urls are so ungainly and lengthy, full internet citations are not generally given in this table. However, most of Geoff’s extracts are also kept in a separate file which does include the urls. The newspaper references are given, of course, and it should be possible to locate the articles from Trove using the details provided (and also other reports subsequently uploaded).

The file is, of course, sortable by columns and combinations of columns to create lists by state, founder, clockmaker, etc. Although complete consistency is impossible, the entries in the "Clock" and "Bells" have been framed with this in mind - but it’s worth word-searching too as any lists created in this way may be incomplete even if they provide a good start!

December 2020

Bells at St Mary's, Sydney

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