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Proceeds from the sale of items shown on this page contribute to bellringing and bell towers in Australia and New Zealand. Although items are shown on this page at ANZAB's discretion, any transactions will be solely between the purchaser and the vendor.


Tolling the Time: Bells & Clocks of the Avon Valley, by Ian Phillips

Tolling the Time cover

The Avon Valley region in Western Australia is vast, with a rich history. Author Ian Phillips takes you through the public clocks & bells of the towns in the Avon Valley and explores their origins and importance to early European settlers.

Follow this link for more information and online ordering.

Shake My Hand and I'll Show You the Ropes: a Biography of George W Pipe, by John Loveless

George Pipe biography

From a Suffolk family with bellringing in its blood, George Pipe (1935–2020) was an unusually influential character across his long life. He was involved in the growth of bellringing in America and Australia, built on centuries of tradition in Suffolk ringing, and maintained a huge network of friends through his many activities.

Over the course of twenty chapters illustrated with over one hundred of George's photographs, sketches and other memorabilia, John Loveless traces George's extraordinary life - his range of talents, his accomplishments across the world of ringing, and the many colourful characters George kept in touch with. Filled with stories and history and including a sixteen-page colour photograph section, this book is sure to delight and interest a wide range of readers.

George pipe died on 3 March 2020. The final chapter of the book includes tributes to George and recounts a Zoom meeting held in his memory.

Published by The Ringing World in November 2020. xvii, 206 pp, with index, 16 pages of colour photographs and many b&w photographs within the text.

Available in Australia and New Zealand from for A$40 plus postage and handling; and available elsewhere from The Ringing World shop.

See how They Ring! Travelling Bellringers on the Australasian Popular Stage, by Anne Doggett and Gwyn Gillard

See How They Ring

This history of handbell ringing in Australia and New Zealand includes a general history of handbells, and an outline of handbell ringing in Australasia from its beginnings until the present. It focuses on the stories of the major touring handbell ringers, with many details of their travels and performances throughout Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

These enterprising bellringing groups were active between the mid-nineteenth-century and the time of the First World War. They spent their working lives moving around the performance circuits of Australia and New Zealand, travelling by coach, train and steamship, and performing wherever there were enough people to form an interested audience. They appeared in large theatres before governors and vice-regal parties, in community halls in tiny townships, and in sheds and barns before gatherings of local farmers.

Published by Ballarat Heritage Services 2011. 244 pp., with index, bibliography and many rare images. A$40 plus postage and packing.

More details of the book and information on how to order at www.seehowtheyring.webs.com

Their Sound has Gone Forth, by Elizabeth Bleby

Cover of Their Sound has Gone Forth

Published by ANZAB April 2001. 222pp.

This book is a new edition of the history originally written as We Sing in a Strange Land, which told the story of change bell ringing in Australian and New Zealand towers to 1988. The new book updates the story to the beginning of 2001.

In his review in Ringing World Chris Pickford said: "this book ... is about the efforts, successes and struggles of the local ringers who have made Australia and New Zealand ringing what it is today." It records notable ringing accomplishments and achievements by local bands. There is also information about the bells and the towers in which they hang.

The cost in Australia is $15 plus $8 for postage and handling. Orders should be sent to PO Box 716, Unley, South Australia 5061.

The cost in England is £15 for one copy sent by economy air. Orders should be sent to Yvonne John, 9 Lancaster Close, Glynneath. Neath. West Glamorgan SA11 5EF. Cheques should be made out to Yvonne John.

Unfortunately there is no easy way of offering sales in other currencies. Ringers from other countries should use Australian dollars or pounds Sterling.



Sonneur screengrab

Sonneur is an online ringing platform developed in New Zealand.

  • Web-based so no software to install
  • Servers in the UK and Australia
  • Realistic tower bell movements
  • Several different bell styles, including the flagship 3D tower bell display
  • Automated ringer rings empty bells
  • Automated ringer can call compositions from CompLib
  • Automated conducter with a female or male voice
  • You can invite external guests via a temporary invite link

The free version

  • is limited to 3 ringers at any one time (no limit for subscribers)
  • has a touch limit of 1,500 changes with an automated conductor (no limit for subscribers)

Virtual Belfry

Virtual Belfry main window

Virtual Belfry 3.4 is a ringing simulator with unique features designed specifically for teaching and for method and striking practice.

Glance at a smoothly-scrolling blue line to correct trips during ringing. Compare your own line with the actual blue line afterwards. Analyse your striking in detail and save your best effort to see how you improve over time.

The program also features animated, high-resolution photographic images of the bells of two Australian towers: Hobart (St. David's) and Maryborough. Version 3.5 includes high-quality photographic animation of ringers and their ropes, and the ability to allow more than one ringer to participate in a simulator touch.


Goulburn Rope Guide

The Goulburn ropeguide design, created locally in Goulburn for St Saviour's Cathedral, has a machining profile programmed for a CNC machine - a computer controlled machining centre.

Enquiries regarding these reasonably priced ropeguides should directed to - phone: 0401 977 432.


Goulburn Muffles

Goulburn muffles, designed and created locally, can be made to measure for your tower.

The set shown here was produced for Orange.

Enquiries regarding these reasonably priced muffles should directed to - phone: 0401 977 432.


The Bells of Adelaide

Bells of Adelaide logo

Live recordings of change-ringing bells in the City of Adelaide, Australia.

The Adelaide Bellringers, with The Ancient Society of College Youths and The Society of Royal Cumberland Youths.

Now available on CD for A$20 plus postage featuring all five Adelaide Towers.

Proceeds from this recording are apportioned to the development of bellringing in Adelaide, and the restoration and development of bellringing in Christchurch.

Contact: tel: +61 410 432 762 (mobile) or write to: 12 Alpha Crescent, Panorama, SA 5041, Australia


A CD featuring ringing from ANZAB 2003 has been compiled by

Priced at $15.00 ($A or $NZ) it contains 67 minutes of ringing from Castlereagh, Goulburn, Yass, Lithgow, Maitland, Singleton, Sydney - St Benedict's, St Jude's, Christchurch St Laurence, St Philips - and Christchurch, NZ.

See Ringing Towers, June 2003, for more information or contact directly.


ANZAB badges or lapel pins are available for $5.00 each from the


ANZAB scarves are available for $10.00 each from the

Tea Towels

The North Eastern Branch of ANZAB has produced a tea towel featuring the Towers of Sydney. Priced at $8 each, the tea towels are available from the Pam Brock.

Bell Towers of Sydney

The red Country Towers of New South Wales tea towel is out of stock.


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