image of St Gabriel's, Bexley

Frame and Bells, 4 February 2021

Trial assembly of the Bexley bell frame is going well, and the first bell was placed in its pit tonight. Despite the building work, I can still fit my car in the garage. Just!

Bexley Bells with headstocks

Bexley frame under construction

Thomas Perrins
(ANZAB Facebook group)

Bexley Bells

ANZAB President, David Smith, visited Matthew Higby's workshop at Charmborough Farm, Bath UK, on 15 August 2017 and sent the image below of the bells destined for Bexley in Sydney, New South Wales.

Bexleybells at Matthew Higby's workshop, August 2017

The Bexley bells at Matthew Higby's workshop, August 2017

David comments "[Matthew] has a huge amount of work lined up, and a surprisingly large proportion is destined for Oz/NZ. It's a fascinating place."

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