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Pam Brock OAM

Tower Floor

Congratulations to Pam Brock for her OAM, announced today.

The citation is for "service to the community as a church bell ringer." It notes that she has been a ringer at St Paul's, Burwood since the 1960's and the People's Warden there since 1997. It also mentiones her work as Treasurer for ANZAB and the NSW Branch of ANZAB.

12 June 2023

Follow these links to a celebratory quarter peal and peal.

Ringing During a Pandemic

St Paul's Burwood has tolled the tenor for all services which were held at the church. Firstly we held services every half hour from 8-10am outside with 10 people spaced appropriately and at each service the tenor was tolled.

There was a small break when we were unable to have any services and the services were recorded. This was followed by services every half hour from 8-10am in the chapel from 16th May onward for 3 weeks with 10 people spaced appropriately and the tenor tolled for each of these.

Burwood interior
Will Ryan, Andrew Davies, Michael Lorber
and Pam Brock (taking the photo)
rang well spaced at Burwood 14/6/2020

Sunday 7th June our services reverted to the normal times of 8am and 9.30am with 50 people allowed to gather. The tenor was tolled for the 8am service and 4 ringers gathered and rang for the 9.30am service. This was a great start to get back into the tower.

Our tower can only have 4 ringers under the current law due to its size. This will continue until there is a change. There will be no practices held.

This is what is happening at Burwood.

Pam Brock, 10 June 2020

Wringing Out

Tower Floor   Stiff Tails

The weekend of 8-9 February 2020 saw almost 400mm of rain in Sydney in four days, the wettest such period for 30 years. At St Paul's, Burwood we are hoping the tower and ropes will have dried sufficiently to allow us to ring out, rather than wring out, this coming weekend.

Pam Brock

Vale, Hilary Davies

Hilary Davies

Hilary Davies, wife of St Paul's Burwood Ringing Master Andrew, passed away peacefully on Sunday, 5th January after a courageous battle with cancer. Hilary was very supportive of all Andrew's and their children's ringing activities. Her funeral will take place at St Paul's, Burwood on Tuesday, 14 January at 10:30am.

Pam Brock, 7 January 2020

Two first peals at Burwood, 28 January, 2012

Congratulations to Natalie Davies and Stephen Young who rang their first peals at Burwood on Saturday, 28th January 2012.

Here's the happy band in ringing order (l-r):

Peal band, Burwood, 28 January 2012

St. Paul’s, Burwood, Sydney
Saturday 28 January 2012 in 2 hour 57 minutes (11 cwt)
5024 Plain Bob Major
Composed: Roger Bailey

1 Pam E. Brock
2 Natalie M. E. Davies
3 M.Elaine Lee
4 David C. Bath
5 Stephen Young
6 Jennifer C. N. Davies
7 Thomas M. Perrins
8 Andrew P. J. Davies (C)

Rung for the Conversion of St Paul (25/1/2012)
50th Birthday compliments for Stephen Young (31/1/12)
First peal for Natalie Davies and Stephen Young

Happy Birthday to a Sydney icon

Birthdays are worth celebrating. And when the birthday is for something as iconic as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a special event is called for.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Work on the Sydney Harbour Bridge commenced in 1924, following a competitive tender won by Dorman Long and Co Ltd of Middlesborough, England. As well as linking the growing populations on the northern and southern shores of Sydney Harbour, the Harbour Bridge provided much-needed employment for thousands of workers during the Great Depression.

The Bridge was officially opened on 19th March 1932, 75 years ago. Once again, a chance conversation in the pub after practice night hatched the idea of a commemorative peal. Andrew Davies kindly obliged with an unrung delight major method, and soon afterwards Tom Goodyer tabled a composition. The general consensus was to ring the first peal sooner rather than later, and so the date was set for Sunday, February 11, 2007.

And the method name?

St Paul’s Burwood, NSW
Sunday February 11, 2007
In 2h 48m (11-0-8)
5152 Coathanger Delight Major
Comp: Universal Major Composition # 25

1 Robert J Walters
2 H Gordon Connon
3 Andrew P J Davies
4 Mary C Symes
5 Thomas M Perrins
6 Thomas W Goodyer
7 Mark W Palmer
8 Christopher D O’Mahony (C)

First Peal in the Method:
Coathanger Delight Major
Rung for the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
100th Peal in NSW – 3.

The Coathanger Delight Major band

The Band: Thomas Perrins, Robert Walters, Mark Palmer, Christopher O'Mahony, Andrew Davies, Mary Symes, Tom Goodyer, Gordon Connon.

from Christopher O'Mahony

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