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St James' Queen's Square Bicentennial Weekend, 2019

There will be a single service at 10:00am at St James' Queen's Square on Sunday, 6 October, marking the beginning of the church bicentenary celebrations. This orchestral mass will be preceded by a quarter peal rung by the St James' Sunday service band. Thus, there will be no general service ringing.

On Monday, 7 October, a special event including music, drama, and historical recitations will be held in Queen's Square, Sydney, at 11:00am, marking the 200th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone at St James. Following this, a peal of St James the Great Delight Major will be attempted starting at 12:00 noon.

Marylon Coates

Repairing Ropes

In February 2017, Alan Coates wrote:

We had worn tail ends on several ropes while the sallies and uppers were in good condition.

For the new tail ends I sourced 10mm Dutch natural hemp from a ship chandler. I used Classic Boat Supplies in Belrose (Sydney) but I expect there are alternatives.

Because the tenor wear was quite close to the bottom of sally I chose a double eye splice reasoning that if I had to replace the tail again I would not need to disturb the short length near the sally.

Double eye splice

For another bell I had more rope to play with and used a normal short splice.

Short splice

Time will tell how the ringers find the new tail ends.

Miles Delight Major

Miles Aubourne Thorp was born at 4:30pm on October 14, 2006, a first child for Kirsten Crosby and Edward Thorp. Kirsten is Tower Captain at St James' Queens Square in Sydney. A quick scan of relevant databases showed that there was no method already named Miles. So, Andrew Davies obliged with an unrung delight major method, based on Manuka Surprise Major. Tom Goodyer kindly checked for true compositions (Simon Humphrey). The first proposed date had to be abandoned due to a baptism (clearly a Sydney baby boom), but at least this allowed time for Kirsten herself to ring on Sunday November 19.

The post-peal photo shows (left to right): Thomas Perrins, Lexi Prabhakar, Mary Symes, John Hadfield, Kirsten Crosby and Miles, Andrew Davies, Tom Goodyer, Christopher O'Mahony.

from Christopher O'Mahony

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