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Returning to ringing in a pandemic

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In order to resume any face to face church services or groups, a Safety Plan was required to be submitted for approval by the Uniting Church, both the local church council, the Synod and the wider Presbytery.

So in early June, I put together a plan for resumption of limited service ringing in consultation with the Lithgow ringers, which has been reviewed and approved for use at the first trial Sunday service at Hoskins Uniting Church, Lithgow, on July 5th.

Our safety plan is in the format provided by the Church and contains their requirements, with the added practical solutions specific to ringing in our tower situation. At this stage we are limited to a maximum of 6 local ringers and no visiting ringers, and will only ring for 15 minutes. (Interestingly, and perhaps luckily, this aligns to the recently published Central Council advice).

Our plan will be reviewed after Sunday, and regularly, until we are able to, one day, resume normal ringing. Hopefully we will be able to ring regularly for services if the trial service on Sunday is a success.

Hannah Musgrave
30 June 2020

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