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The Bells

. Note Weight
Founder Date Other information
Treble D 1-1-23 Taylor 2023 Insription "Welcome to Country, land of the Larrakia People". Has the insignia of King Charles III. Cast for Palmerston.
2nd C 1-1-3 Taylor 2022 Cast for Palmerston.
3rd B flat 1-1-27 Whitechapel 2014 New bell
4th A 1-2-17 Whitechapel 2010 New bell
5th G 1-3-11 Taylor 1901 From Newington Hull
Tenor F 2-2-27 Taylor c.1960 Former buoy bell for Trinity House

Inaugural ring December 2023

Ringers outside tower
Those present for the inaugural ring on 7 December 2023.
From left: Kathy Campbell (Darwin), Eugene Scaturchino (non-ringer), Jim Doyle (Randwick), Ron Shepherd (Menagle), Lorenzo Lodge (Darwin), Jo Cruikshank (Darwin), Umberto Villa (Darwin) and Steve Allen (Darwin)

After three years work, the bells at Palmerston are now ringable. This is the culmination of years of anticipation as these are the first bells in the tower, purpose built for bells in 1990.

The local priest request, Father Tom English, asked us to ring for a Christmas Carol Service on 7 December. The Darwin ringers joined me and Jim Doyle to make up a band.

The bells sound very good and go well. Special thanks should go to Eugene Scaturchio and Jim Doyle for their practical support throughout the project and for putting up with me!

Palmerston bells in their frame
The bells in the tower prior to the floor and ceiling being put in.

Ron Shepherd

Palmerston Bells Arrive in Darwin, July 2023

Palmerston treble bell

The photo above is of the treble bell for the new ring at Palmerston, and the inscription reads "Welcome to country land of the Larrakia people". While it never went to sea it started its life as a Trinity House bell. The tenor is a Trinity House bell that served time at sea. The treble bell also has a Charles III insignia cast into it, as it was cast within 12 months of the King's coronation.

Palmerston bells

Kathy Campbell, Claudio Rimondi and Jo Cruikshank, ringers from St Mary's Cathedral, Darwin, with five of the six Palmerston bells

Ron Shepherd

First five bells

Five bells for Palmerston, NT

Five bells for Palmerston, at Taylor's Bellfoundry, with the second still to be cast. Photo provided by Ron Shepherd 3 December 2021

The bell frame

Frame for Palmerston, NT

Frame for Palmerston (NT) stored in Ron's carport

From the news item Ron's Workshop.


This tower is 17 km from the centre of Darwin. It was paid for by the Catholic Women’s League of Australia and finished in 1990. It has never had a bell. The tower is very strong and meets all the strength requirements for cyclonic conditions. It is hoped to install a light ring of six bells with a tenor of approx. 2.5 cwt. The project has located three bells so far.

Ron Shepherd, April 2021

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