image of St John's Uniting, Wahroonga

Inaugural Ring

Ceiling with ropes going through it
Wahroonga ceiling

The bell installation at St John's Uniting Church, Wahroonga, is at the fine-tuning stage.

The first official ringing will be on Christmas Day from 8:30-9:00am, for the 9:00am service.

Thomas Perrins
19 December

Frame installed

These photos from 11 November 2023 were provided by Thomas Perrins with a comment that the installation took less than 24 hours.

Frame inside

Ron Shepherd raising the frame

Looking down on the installed frame and Peter Harrison

Thomas Perrins with the installed frame

Bells Arrive

These photos from 11 September 2023 were provided by Thomas Perrins.

Bell being removed from a ute

Bell wheels outside church

Bells and wheels inside church

ex-Burnley Bells to ring out in Wahroonga

The Australian cast bells previously at Burnley have been aquired by St John's Uniting Church, Wahroonga. The bells have been retuned and will be hung in a new frame but with many of their original fittings. It is hoped that work on hanging the bells will be started this year.

St John's was designed by John Shedden Adam. He was also the architect for St James', Turramurra. The ring of 6 bells (approx. 5 cwt) will be a good addition to the tower at Wahroonga.

Thomas Perrins
September 2023

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