First posted: 28 August 2022

WA ANZAB Branch Practice in York

Ringers outside church at York

Saturday 20 August was a dry sunny day and several of us ventured across the countryside from Mandurah, Bridgetown, and Perth.

It was pretty obvious most of us were out of practice ringing on 8 bell when trying to ring things we could do with our eyes shut before COVID (or before we caught COVID). However, the best thing was, we were all in this together and we had laughs, shared stories, tried again and worked through as a team. Thanks to Julie for running everything, and Susan for organising.

Some editorial had been included in the local press about this practice and we had visitors travelling from small towns around to see what we were up to – there were some very keen younger ones, so we hope to see them again sometime soon.

Corinne Rule
28 August 2022

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