First posted: 2 April 2020

Out-of-tower Activities

Garden Shed

Ringers around the world are barred from their towers. Here are a few ringing-related activities we are still managing to do.

Deryn Griffiths painted her garden shed, and decorated it including a bell-ringing theme (see photo).

Pam Brock took the opportunity of reduced traffic to snap a tower photo to replace the previous one in the Tower Directory.

Hannah Musgrave is sending her ringers weekly theory lessons via email.

Laura Goodin is making (almost) daily posts on the St James' Old Cathedral Facebook page including links to bell related podcasts.

Families of ringers are getting their fix via handbells, see here and here for example.

From beyond Australia and New Zealand, the accidental ringer is continuing her blog with the 31 March entry full of ideas to improve one's rhythm away from ringing.

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