First posted: 7 October 2016

Green Point, Gosford, New South Wales

Not a change ringing installation, but interesting nevertheless.

These images show a very old bell being installed into the Charlotte Chapel at Green Point (near Gosford). The bell was acquired by Cherie Reid through the Keltek Trust and was cast around 1550. It has been very well restored, retaining its canons, and can be swing chimed. The bell was rung for approximately 400 years in its old church in Somerset, and now it starts a new life in Australia. Follow this link to download a 1.5mB MP4 sound file of the bell being chimed.

Green Point Bell - off with the roof Off with the roof

Green Point Bell - off with the roof

Swing in the bell In with the bell

Put the bell in place

Job done!

Job done!

Ron Shepherd

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