First posted: 3 March 2021

Locally hosted Ringing Room server

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Leland Paul Kusmer of Ringing Room sent the following message.

We're just delighted to know that so many people are enjoying Ringing Room from all around the world.

I finally bit the bullet and worked out an alternate service to use that would permit us to host our own server in your hemisphere. I'm very pleased to say that now points to a working Ringing Room server in Sydney! It connects to the same database as the UK servers, so you should be able to log into it with the same account you use for the primary Any towers that exist on the UK server also exist on the ANZAB one (though you'll need to make sure everyone is using the correct server — ringers in the UK version of a tower won't see ringers in the ANZAB one, and vice versa).

We'll look after it the same way we do the North American and Singaporean servers, so it will get all the updates at the same time. Please give it a test and let me know how it goes!

The Facebook Ringing Room Take-Hold Lounge is a good way to organise sessions. A related news item from 8 March 2021, about Laura Goodin's award for her use of Ringing Room in recruitment and retention, is available here.

Deryn Griffiths, 15 March 2021

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Locally hosted Handbell Stadium server

Wellington ringers have created an Australian server for Handbell Stadium to reduce the impact of internet lag for ANZAB users. Anyone is welcome to use the server. You will need to have Handbell Stadium installed and can then choose to use the server which has good responsiveness for Australian and New Zealand ringers.

Derek Williams, 3 March 2021

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Joining Ringing Room Sessions

Currently the Wellington ringers have two Ringing Room sessions - Mondays 7.30 to 9pm and Fridays 7.30 to 9pm NZ time. The Monday session is mostly on six bells and the Friday session on eight. All ringers are welcome to join us. For details, please email the

Derek Williams
3 March 2021

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