First posted: 21 March 2020

ANZAB 2020 Festival Update and Contingency Plans

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Normally we would have opened registrations for the ANZAB Festival by now, but with the fluid situation regarding COVID-19 it is not fair to expect anyone to know what the situation will be in June.

Most of the Festival - to be held in Bundaberg and Maryborough - is organised, but we are holding off asking people to register until it is clear that the Festival is going ahead or not. We have a Plan B to hold the Festival on the first weekend in October 2020 if it is not possible to hold it in June. We are also working on a Plan C if Plan B doesn’t work out, as the ANZAB AGM must be held at some point this year.

Given the rate of change at the moment, these are difficult times to make arrangements too far in the future. Once a decision has been made on the Festival then we will let you know in time to work out if you wish to attend or not.

Peter Harrison
ANZAB President
21 March 2020

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