First posted: 7 May 2022

Launch of Sonneur

A NZ developed online ringing platform, Sonneur, was launched recently. A key difference to ringingroom is Sonneur's realistic movement of the ropes and timing of the sound.

screengrab of sonneur

Sonneur features are:

  • Web-based (no software to install)
  • Realistic tower bell movements
  • Automated ringer rings empty bells
  • Automated ringer can call compositions from CompLib
  • Automated conducter with a female or male voice

The free version

  • is limited to 3 ringers at any one time (no limit for subscribers)
  • has a touch limit of 1,500 changes with an automated conductor (no limit for subscribers)

Watch the ANZAB facebook page for notices or get in touch if you are interested in an introductory session.

7 May 2022

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