First posted: 5 July 2024

Update to the Constitution – What it means to you

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We updated our constitution at the 2024 AGM. If you live in New Zealand or Australia and don’t ring or organise peals, the recent changes are unlikely to affect you.


If you live outside ANZAB territory but have at some stage been a residential member of ANZAB (Ringing Member of ANZAB Inc or Member of ANZAB Ltd) you can, by paying an annual subscription, continue to be a Member. If your membership has lapsed you may need to be renominated and complete an application form.

Peals "for ANZAB"

The peal rules are very similar to before as far as band composition. Peal organisers are encouraged to read the exact wording in the constitution.

Within Australia and New Zealand at least half the band must be current ANZAB Members for a peal to be rung "for ANZAB". The remainder must be Associate Members or pay a peal fee to ANZAB. For 2024/25 the peal fee for each such person is $5 (in the local currency). The option for some of the band to pay a peal fee rather than sign up as a Member or Associate Member is new. We anticipate visitors ringing in ANZAB peals will choose to pay the rope fee.

Outside ANZAB territory, at least half of any ANZAB peal band must be current or former ANZAB Members (that might be as a Ringing Member of ANZAB Inc or a Member of ANZAB Ltd). The remainder must have at some stage rung in New Zealand or Australia and either be Associate Members or pay a peal fee to ANZAB. However, for 2024/25 the relevant peal fee is $0/£0. So in practice, this is the same requirement as previously but without the requirement for the ringers to be current Members or current Associate Members.

Deryn Griffiths
5 July2024

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